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“Wild Boys” Noyz Narcos & Gast!

La bomba nucleare é pronta! Noyz Narcos & Gast “Wild Boys” il nuovo video TruceKlan prodotto da Why Style.


Un gioco da ragazzi part 3 Heaven can wait

In this chapter: Chico goes to do graffiti on a ruff in the center of Rome. From his words we can get how writers go to resolve unexpected problems to reach the goal: the getting up. Doesn’t matter the risk, the pain or the time it will take to do ” what is really important for a writer: put your name on the best spot, where a lot of people will read it “.

Un gioco da ragazzi part 3 Heaven can wait from Why Style on Vimeo.

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Painted skateboard commissioned by a friend…marker on wood 80cm x 20cm



JonZtk, RifeFmk, and VerNsa get together and share this canvas in times of economic crisis, painting the background green, ya’ know the color of money, as a sort of good-luck sorta thing…


Ordo Ab Chao

Ordo Ab Chao in latin means Order out of Chaos. This has been the means by which the puppetmasters have been controlling society for a long long time.