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World signs: Mexico

Those are a coupple of pictures I shot in Mexico some months ago, during a trip trough the states of the south, between Quintana Roo and Chapas.
I found there a firmly rooted tradition of sign painting. Almost every kind of communication is hand painted on the walls: shop sings, advertisement, house numbers with family names, rules and restrictions, Catholic icons, political messages, etc.etc.
The practice of wall painting goes from simple decorations to protest murals and is a deep aspect of the mexican culture, along the roads there are a lot of buildings with signs on the outside telling you wich activity the family living there does to live, if they sell water, food, gas, a place to sleep, etc.etc. Many people live of this and for them is a must to paint signs on their houses. Even the narcos use walls to threaten their enemies with long messages written with black and red spray paint.


World signs: Egypt

Those are two pictures I shot in Egypt two weeks ago. I want to share with you my passion for hand made sign painting.

In the area I traveled trough it was plenty of trucks like this. The driver you see here, was so proud of his car that he stopped in the middle of the street to wait for me taking the picture.