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World signs: Mexico

Those are a coupple of pictures I shot in Mexico some months ago, during a trip trough the states of the south, between Quintana Roo and Chapas.
I found there a firmly rooted tradition of sign painting. Almost every kind of communication is hand painted on the walls: shop sings, advertisement, house numbers with family names, rules and restrictions, Catholic icons, political messages, etc.etc.
The practice of wall painting goes from simple decorations to protest murals and is a deep aspect of the mexican culture, along the roads there are a lot of buildings with signs on the outside telling you wich activity the family living there does to live, if they sell water, food, gas, a place to sleep, etc.etc. Many people live of this and for them is a must to paint signs on their houses. Even the narcos use walls to threaten their enemies with long messages written with black and red spray paint.