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Graffiti a Roma 1995-96

Dal video francese “Dirty Handz 3″, le riprese della metropolitana a Roma tra il 1995 e il 1996 con un sacco di graffiti sopra.
Se ti piacciono le bombolette spray, visita il blog XXROMA per vedere molto altro.


Classic Hits

Classic Hits — New York’s Pioneering Subway Graffiti Writers, is a book by Alan Fleisher and Paul Iovino, with Introduction by Phase 2.
Classic Hits is the most visual book on early 1970s graffiti ever published!
Early 70s New York saw the growth of a new phenomenon. Graffiti is the greatest and most influential artistic movement of our time. It was created by kids, for kids. In Classic Hits, the key persons and pioneers tell their own story. Classic Hits is an eye- opening first-hand story told in unique pictures and text.
From Taki 183 to Blade to Iz the Wiz. Their names have garnered star status far beyond graffiti culture, and without them, no Seen, no Banksy, no Revok. In Classic Hits, the pioneers talk about how they got started and where graffiti took them. Together, the essays offer an invaluable picture of graffiti in the early, playful years.
Author Alan Fleisher started writing graffiti in the Bronx in 1972. Un- like most, he always carried his camera with him. Through his many adventures in the subway depots, he got to know several of the greatest writers of New York. His experiences give Classic Hits a unique insider view. Essays and quotations by: Ale One, All Jive 161, Blade, Cay 161, Checker 170, Clyde, Death, Fdt 56, Flint 707, Iz The Wiz, Jester 1, Joe 182, Lava, Lsd OM, Mico, Pnut 2, Roger 1, Ski 168, Snake 1, Taki 183 and Vamm.


Un gioco da ragazzi -part 6 Mamma mia!

Here, some episodes of Gast’s “Mamma mia” life-style.
In an interview about the daily troubles to become an active and full writer, in Rome. From the creative ways to rack paint, to the approach with authorities of the subway system.

Un Gioco da ragazzi -part 6 Mamma mia! from Why Style on Vimeo.


The Meaning of the Graffiti

I want just to say what Graffiti means to me.

“I am sure  I’ll go to heaven because I spent my youth in vandalism”

Graffiti is not drawing something nice with the spray cans.
Graffiti is not made to be liked by the people but by the scene.
Graffiti means: use  spray cans because they are the very basic tool to be a Vandal.
I never gave a shit about the brand of the spray cans.
The writer is the one who makes the graffiti cool not the skinny cap.
Graffiti  means to write your name, a lot.
Graffiti means to shock, to be rude, means to break the rules.
Graffiti means to be a nasty kid.
Graffiti means to skip school.
Graffiti means: to know all the bus lines, all the good spots to steal markers, sprays and food.
Graffiti means: to know very well the suburbe and the center too.
Graffiti means: always dirty hands, always the marker is with you.
Graffiti means: no hall of fame but trains as much as you can.
Graffiti means : you are against the whole world.
Graffiti means: kids with a vandalism dream.


Ordo Ab Chao

Ordo Ab Chao in latin means Order out of Chaos. This has been the means by which the puppetmasters have been controlling society for a long long time.