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Pane and Joe X Beams-T

Beams-t Japan just released Pane and Joe’s new t-shirt designs
It’s a limited production, so get yours, hurry up and check Beams-T for more information


Stickers galore

Here is a sheet of stickers that I made in collaboration with Yamandu Roos, he is a friend and a good photographer, he loves good quality stuff and that’s why he has commissioned me to design these stickers. You’ll hear back about Yamandu, just google “3 millones” and see what he is capable of, but this is material for another post.
For a reasonable deal I’ve included three of my designs among those requested by Yamandu whose portrait, by the way, appears in the adhesive on the right.
This work was a big job and the good thing is that we did it for the sheer pleasure of having something good. The stickers are made in four colors (CMYK), screen printed, look closely and you’ll see a lot of dots that overlap and create colors, a kind of magic!


Mashville and Sid Lee

Mashville is a collaborative art project initiated by Mister Adam and drJay. They invite different artists to work with them by exchanging images in order to create a silkscreen print together. Mashville take it to the next level during live screen printing sessions, cranking out the prints while adding their own colorful layer in the process. The result is a surprising sync of creative energy, passed back and forth, altered and evolved with each step.Come feast your eyes November 26th at 18:30 at SID LEE Albert Cuypstraat 101 Amsterdam. Those are my drawings that I shared with the silkscreen made by Mister Adam.


Manga Don’t Like Wine t-shirt

Manga Don’t Like Wine is now also a t-shirt.
The t-shirt is released by the Japanese company Beams-T and can be purchased on their web site; check it out.



Mashville is a collaborative project started by Mister Adam and Dr. Jay, they print and sell silkscreen, but there’s one thing that makes those prints different than others, they are made by two people, so you can get the work of two artists in one artwork, quite a good deal isn’t it?