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Pane at Paragone in Paris photos

Here’s a phographic gallery about the work I presented at the Gallery LJ in Paris for the exhibition Paragone curated by Christian Omodeo for Le Grand Jeu.
The show it’s on view from march 13 until april 27 2013.


Surrounded by Wall

Surrounded by Wall 1
Surrounded by wall
is Pane’s last effort, it’s a sculpture made in ceramic and glazed in white, it’s composed of two parts; a wall and a figure, in the artist’s conception the figure stands inside the wall but it can be set free.

This sculpture is a natural three dimensional evolution of Pane’s’ two dimensional work.
Pane himself made only five copies of this sculpture which is made with a two parts mold.

For more info and photos, please download the pdf.


Paradiso Romano

Nothing is what it seems in Paradise City, take a closer look it just might be the place to be! Andrea Prosciutti’s crazy mind came up with this, Jon flew over it, and Mirai Pulvirenti decided to photograph it all, now what about that?


Molosso Amsterdam biennale

Amsterdam Biennale – Mediamatic Foundation, Amsterdam


The Shocking Brutal Truth

The Shocking Brutal Truth – Wolf & Pack gallery, Amsterdam