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Manga Don’t Like Wine

Manga Don't Like Wine
The book Manga Don’t Like Wine features the artwork of many artists, collaborating on the creation of very weird creatures, playing with the surrealistic method: the Exquisite Corpse drawing.

“Collaborating may not be the right word, in fact, Manga Don’t Like Wine is about individuals creating something beyond anyone’s control”

The book is 18X24 cm big, with soft cover and 85 pages in black and white.


Molosso Amsterdam biennale

Amsterdam Biennale – Mediamatic Foundation, Amsterdam



Rome was founded the 21st of April of the 753 B.C
Rome is one of the oldest city in Europe and also in the world. There is so much history and there are so many stories about it.
What matters is to present your own story.
Thats how me  and Pane presented Rome  at Amsterdam Biennale at Mediamatic.