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People Think I’m Cool is now born!

Here we go, my first monograph is now born!
People Think I’m Cool has just been made, and it will be available from autumn of this year worldwide, probably even earlier in other circuits, I will keep you informed, or I could hand over a copy under the table if you ask me.
Anyway, what is this book about? It is about me, about my artistic work from my early stuff until now, there are autobiographical stories, recipes, thoughts and so on.
Here’s the back cover words:

“When I decided to make this book, I looked back and thought about the path that brought me to be who I am today. The path was full of mistakes and dead ends, I believe errors are the base of what we become, failures are more formative than success and definitely funnier.”

There will be the first presentation of the book in Milan on the 18th of June, I’ll let you know more when it’s time, now you can book your ticket.