2012, Art

Pane & Joe X COMMA

Comma is an art festival that takes place in Perugia which lies in the region of Umbria, the only region in Italy that is surrounded by other regions of Italy. Umbria does not touch sea or foreign countries, an island on earth. This geographical position could explain their particular Umbrian evolution of the Italian language and their constant references to God and other saints while talking. In this contexct, I (Pane) and Joe, presented a work of installations, drawings and sculptures at the Museum of Palazzo della Penna, the work was done during the two weeks residence in Perugia for the second year edition of COMMA City Art Project.

COMMA on the web


The cross of Jesus’bicycle

a.k.a. forgive your sins to each kilometer

“Why Style” working on “The Cross Of Jesus’Bicycle”, for the Me Bike event at the Mediamatic gallery in Amsterdam, August 2010.

2009, Portfolio

Molosso Amsterdam biennale

Amsterdam Biennale – Mediamatic Foundation, Amsterdam

2009, Portfolio

The Drifter

Me Bike – No cars day, Amsterdam

By Pane, Joe and Nico


2009, Portfolio

The Shocking Brutal Truth

The Shocking Brutal Truth – Wolf & Pack gallery, Amsterdam