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Manga Don’t Like Wine

Manga Don't Like Wine
The book Manga Don’t Like Wine features the artwork of many artists, collaborating on the creation of very weird creatures, playing with the surrealistic method: the Exquisite Corpse drawing.

“Collaborating may not be the right word, in fact, Manga Don’t Like Wine is about individuals creating something beyond anyone’s control”

The book is 18X24 cm big, with soft cover and 85 pages in black and white.


Day and Night

“Day and Night” is  the last creation by Morcky published by Buzzworks.
The book is about 200 pages of sketches in black and white as the name suggest it.
It looks like Morcky did a back up of his brain and he just put everything on paper using his best media: the marker.The tool, it is the only one but the topics of the drawings are really different, some of them are very fine and others are very raw with a lot of contrast, from the abstract to the realistic . This combination makes it easy to go through the book and it is not predictable. You have the feeling to see his lifetime memories, because he freezed them in the drawings. Moments of life, like love, passion, disappointments and dreams. It is a like a kind of modern fairy tale made by a punk. “Day and Night” will be a cult. It is just about to let people know it.

buy it for € 18.00


CIAO – An Useless Guide To Italy

This little magazine is the first step of a bigger project called Close To Me that includes the creation of a series of magazines featuring selected artists. In this limited publication the artists; Pane, Nico and Joe, focused on the idea of Italy, selecting and enlarging unique characteristics of the country, including some spelling errors and falsities.

60 pages, black and white digital print.



Dirt Dont Hurt

This book collects selected artworks of the Why Style collective, featuring the artists: Pane, Joe, Nico, Scarful and Stand. In this visual journey in black and pink, they went looking in modern society contradictions and more.

17×24 cm, 96 pages, two colors offset print.