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Joe is Cool

I am old school but I still like to try new techniques and technology. This t-shirt it’s an example. It is not a silk screen. It is a digital print on t-shirt (No Transfer) same quality as a good silk screen. It looks like a sketch on your t-shirt. I love it !! The sizes are Medium and Small. SOLD OUT !


Un Gioco da Ragazzi

Il 19 Settembre 1992 Cromo Crash Kid ed altri dipingono la prima metro di Roma. Solo l’ idea di dipingere un treno sembrava una missione impossibile ma invece si rivelo` “Un gioco da ragazzi”. Questo documentario è stato realizzato nel 2002 e può considerasi un video culto sui graffiti di Roma e sui graffiti in generale. Non si parla di tappi o di stile, ma dei Graffitari che raccontano storie di Graffiti. Le avventure e le disavventure sono raccontate da due crew storiche romane i TRV e gl i ZTK.

Personalmente non ho mai voluto vivere i graffiti con il passamontagna o come una attitudine illegale o gangstar. Mi è sempre piaciuto vederli e viverli con un attitudine positiva e divertente, non a caso questo documetario si chiama “Un gioco da ragazzi” Joe  TRV.

Ora e’ anche disponibile in DVD e taggato da Joe Nico e Pane.

Compralo per soli € 13.50 inclusa la spedizione

 Te lo spediamo anche se sei un Toy, magari ti vedi il video e ti ripigli!


Bizarre Dee and Pane Risograph print

This is a Risograph print produced by Bizarre Dee and Pane in the occasion of the exhibition Glad To See You.

Risograph duplicators were originally created for office / commercial use to produce large volume one or two colour documents at high speed. But the rich spot colours are also ideal for creative graphic arts applications and the prints have a wonderful look and feel which is quite unique.

The Print is A3 size on Paper Cyclus Offset 140gsm – Recycled with a slightly gray off-white tint.
Edition of 50 numbered prints signed by the artists.

Buy it for € 15.00 including expedition fees.


Manga Don’t Like Wine

Manga Don't Like Wine
The book Manga Don’t Like Wine features the artwork of many artists, collaborating on the creation of very weird creatures, playing with the surrealistic method: the Exquisite Corpse drawing.

“Collaborating may not be the right word, in fact, Manga Don’t Like Wine is about individuals creating something beyond anyone’s control”

The book is 18X24 cm big, with soft cover and 85 pages in black and white.


Day and Night

“Day and Night” is  the last creation by Morcky published by Buzzworks.
The book is about 200 pages of sketches in black and white as the name suggest it.
It looks like Morcky did a back up of his brain and he just put everything on paper using his best media: the marker.The tool, it is the only one but the topics of the drawings are really different, some of them are very fine and others are very raw with a lot of contrast, from the abstract to the realistic . This combination makes it easy to go through the book and it is not predictable. You have the feeling to see his lifetime memories, because he freezed them in the drawings. Moments of life, like love, passion, disappointments and dreams. It is a like a kind of modern fairy tale made by a punk. “Day and Night” will be a cult. It is just about to let people know it.

buy it for € 18.00