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Street Fart the exhibition

Street Fart at the Unruly gallery in Amsterdam



Street Fart


Pane, Joe, Nico, Stand, Scarful featured at Unruly Gallery, the first three reside in Amsterdam and the other two in Rome. In the exhibition ‘Street Fart’ we present our latest works; sculptures, etchings, risographs and drawings on paper. Come to see the show the 29th of November from 5pm till 20pm at Unruly Galley in Cliffordstraat  26  Amsterdam.“We were writers and some people think that every ex-writer that makes art is a street artist. That is not the case. So, is the name ‘Street Fart’ a provocation to the street art world? Not entirely. We named our collective ‘Why Style’ because we love to question things. We like to have doubts. Our dogma is ‘always doubt’.



Pane at Paragone in Paris photos

Here’s a phographic gallery about the work I presented at the Gallery LJ in Paris for the exhibition Paragone curated by Christian Omodeo for Le Grand Jeu.
The show it’s on view from march 13 until april 27 2013.


Pane at Paragone in Paris

I’m going to be in Paris for the show Paragone; PPP, Pane at Paragone in Paris, the tree magic P.
The opening is going to be the 13th of march, hope to see you there.
Check the link for more informations:


Nicolò Cimini-lapse


La follia e la personalità dello storico skater romano Nicolò Mattia Cimini e l’esperienza calligrafica dell’eccentrico artista Tommaso Guerra si fondono in un parchetto sulla Palmiro Togliatti, ripresi dall’occhio visionario di Jonathan Levin sulle note della Pantera Rosa. Importante ricordare come gli antichi Egizi sostenessero che il nome dà completezza all’essere… e come dargli torto!?


Signori… Nicolò Cimini!