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Street Fart the exhibition

Street Fart at the Unruly gallery in Amsterdam



Street Fart


Pane, Joe, Nico, Stand, Scarful featured at Unruly Gallery, the first three reside in Amsterdam and the other two in Rome. In the exhibition ‘Street Fart’ we present our latest works; sculptures, etchings, risographs and drawings on paper. Come to see the show the 29th of November from 5pm till 20pm at Unruly Galley in Cliffordstraat  26  Amsterdam.“We were writers and some people think that every ex-writer that makes art is a street artist. That is not the case. So, is the name ‘Street Fart’ a provocation to the street art world? Not entirely. We named our collective ‘Why Style’ because we love to question things. We like to have doubts. Our dogma is ‘always doubt’.



konFRONTIERt – Christian Omodeo


Writing, Street Art e spazio pubblico: ipotesi, ricerche e confronti.

Convegno internazionale a cura di Claudio Musso e Fabiola Naldi
8 e 9 febbraio 2013 | MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna

Seconda tappa del progetto Frontier, dedicato al Writing e alla Street Art: un convegno aperto al pubblico per analizzare insieme a studiosi, esperti e artisti due discipline riconosciute a livello internazionale come forme di espressione tra le più interessanti nel panorama dell’arte contemporanea.

Christian Omodeo è curatore indipendente e ricercatore presso Université Paris-Sorbonne.
Dopo aver curato la prima edizione del festival Outdoor a Roma e numerose mostre in gallerie e spazi off italiani e dopo aver dato vita nel 2012 a Le Grand Jeu, conduce attualmente un’analisi sulle politiche di repressione dei graffiti e sull’assenza di un regime visivo democratico nelle città contemporanee.


Pane at Paragone in Paris photos

Here’s a phographic gallery about the work I presented at the Gallery LJ in Paris for the exhibition Paragone curated by Christian Omodeo for Le Grand Jeu.
The show it’s on view from march 13 until april 27 2013.


Jamel Shabazz

Picture-2 I had the opportunity to have an informal conversation with Jamel Shabazz one my favorite photographer.  I want share what he told me with all of you and “Wishing you all the very best” like what he wrote on my copy of his book “Back in the days”.

Jamel Shabazz “Wishing you all the very best” from Why Style on Vimeo.