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Egs show at Unruly gallery

Egs is in town. Thanks to Mr Meulman and the all Unruly stuff.


Rae show at Unruly gallery

The CKC’s vibrations are now playing loud in Amsterdam:

Platform 22

and more fine art, from today at 5pm. at “onze lieveUnruly, Amsterdam.


To keep a long story short: Mikosa comes to an end.

Thanks to Marco, Rocco, Checco, Claudius for the good idea they had.


Petro show at Unruly gallery

Hit by the windmill a solo show by Petro
After gaining fame as a notorious worldwide graffiti writer, petro stunned the graffiti world with his unique, nostalgic and naïve early-eighties mentality. He then took this approach to the art world. His unhealthy obsessions for all things peculiar, involving childhood drawings, graffiti, Ralph Lauren, the lost and found, pattern repetition and biscuits, have become a major part of his work. His back-to-the-basics method can be seen as a reaction to fundamental questions in the art world like ‘what still counts as art’?
As a homeless nomad petro’s shows are usually overwhelmed with references to the country or city in which he exhibits at the moment. His work is often a direct response to his ever-changing surroundings: where he is, he creates. This makes every show a unique happening. Staying true to his particular art-ethos each show he does functions as a fund for the next one – every time in a different country.


World signs: Mexico

Those are a coupple of pictures I shot in Mexico some months ago, during a trip trough the states of the south, between Quintana Roo and Chapas.
I found there a firmly rooted tradition of sign painting. Almost every kind of communication is hand painted on the walls: shop sings, advertisement, house numbers with family names, rules and restrictions, Catholic icons, political messages, etc.etc.
The practice of wall painting goes from simple decorations to protest murals and is a deep aspect of the mexican culture, along the roads there are a lot of buildings with signs on the outside telling you wich activity the family living there does to live, if they sell water, food, gas, a place to sleep, etc.etc. Many people live of this and for them is a must to paint signs on their houses. Even the narcos use walls to threaten their enemies with long messages written with black and red spray paint.