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Street Fart


Pane, Joe, Nico, Stand, Scarful featured at Unruly Gallery, the first three reside in Amsterdam and the other two in Rome. In the exhibition ‘Street Fart’ we present our latest works; sculptures, etchings, risographs and drawings on paper. Come to see the show the 29th of November from 5pm till 20pm at Unruly Galley in Cliffordstraat  26  Amsterdam.“We were writers and some people think that every ex-writer that makes art is a street artist. That is not the case. So, is the name ‘Street Fart’ a provocation to the street art world? Not entirely. We named our collective ‘Why Style’ because we love to question things. We like to have doubts. Our dogma is ‘always doubt’.



Jamel Shabazz

Picture-2 I had the opportunity to have an informal conversation with Jamel Shabazz one my favorite photographer.  I want share what he told me with all of you and “Wishing you all the very best” like what he wrote on my copy of his book “Back in the days”.

Jamel Shabazz “Wishing you all the very best” from Why Style on Vimeo.


Joe is Cool

I am old school but I still like to try new techniques and technology. This t-shirt it’s an example. It is not a silk screen. It is a digital print on t-shirt (No Transfer) same quality as a good silk screen. It looks like a sketch on your t-shirt. I love it !! The sizes are Medium and Small. SOLD OUT !


Video Intervista Sick Luke

Why Style ha voluto intervistare Sick Luke, che ha da poco prodotto il nuovo disco di Duke Montana “Stay Gold”. Non era mai successo in Italia che un figlio producesse il disco di suo padre. A di la’ dell’ aspetto da “domenica in famiglia”  il Sick Luke e’ un personaggio interessante della scena rap Italiana. Il rap in Italia  ha fatto il botto negli ultimi anni, e’ la colonna sonora quotidiana di tanti pischelli, tori rocce o uaglioni,  quindi sentiamo che ci dice uno che e` pischello e che il rap lo fa .


Vandal Today

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a hero, or at least somebody. I realized that I did not have any skills or a talent. It was not true, my talent was just to be me myself and I, so I took a marker and I started to write my name. I became a Vandal and all my dreams came true or the vandalism came true. It is about 20 years ago. Now I am not a kid anymore but I am still a vandal a “Vandal Today”.
This video is dedicated to all the vandals in the world and to my crew
The Riot Vandals since 1992.
Joe Pane Nico Stand Koma Kraze Tuff China Debone Sugo

Vandal Today from Why Style on Vimeo.