El Ombligo

 El Ombligo is an iniciative of colombian Santiago Botero. The music that they play, could be called Jazz because you can find it under this category in a music store. But to be honest I think the name of the album ” Canción Psicotrópica y Jaleo” gives a clear impression of their  music. It means psicotropic songs and fun meanwhile laying on the beach.The music is written by Santiago Botero who plays double bass. I made the artwork for the cd cover and the poster for their  next tour around Colombia




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September 24th, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Albeit the CD is kind of difficult to get in Europe, there is one possibility to get it. Take a trip to Holland, then take a train Rotterdam, then go to the infamous and marvellous WORM, ask in their CD shop for the music, and you will find it there!!! If not then come to Colombia, enjoy the country and check this and many other wonderful releases from FESTINA LENTE RECORDS BOGOTA.

or contact the artist… something can be arranged for sure…

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