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Dogs Of Shame ” Too Fast “

Why Style is proud to present a new video production the “Dogs Of Shame”.
What the Dogs of Shame represent is a cultural phenomenon that will influence the way art is perceived, disseminated and valued. It is not only about what the Dogs of Shame do, as what their existence allows for, which in many ways is absolute freedom of speech. ‘Today we live in a world where information is still free. Shepard copied people, sang slogans and got rich. He’s a smart guy. We’re going to do just what he did. Obviously, a lot of people in the art world seem to think there is million dollar value in copying other people’s shit and cleaning it up. We like Shep. We’re gonna clean up his shit and make some sense out of it.’


Intervista a Chicoria Truceklan

Chicoria del Truceklan e’ uno dei personaggi più’ interessanti della scena Rap Italiana, Why Style gli ha fatto una bella intervista, dove Chicoria ci parla di crimine, carcere, rispetto e convivenza. Buona visione e buon Rap.


Sexo en Fuego

I love Cumbia music and i love Los Master Plus. I made this video using some images of the Colombia’s Caribbean coastal region, the place where Cumbia comes from.


To keep a long story short: Mikosa comes to an end.

Thanks to Marco, Rocco, Checco, Claudius for the good idea they had.