Meet The Myth

Yesterday I went to see Mr. Gil Scott-Heron live at Dissonanze Music festival. Actually I was one of the few who had the luck to bump into him performing unplugged the day before; let me tell you about it…

As I was making my way to work I stopped by at the opening of the festival at il Chiostro del Bramante next to my winebar. As I got there, there were rumors that there was an unscheduled opening speech of Mr.Scott-Heron. That was already great, imagine when I realized that the speech was turning into a fender rhodes and voice show. I can’t tell you how emotional was to see a music and political hero live and alive. His music and poetry has always been a standard of excellence for my understanding of music and philosophy. For almost 40 years his politic efforts has been influential on the american pop culture.Going through his lyrics it’s quite clear how his issues and struggles had broken the geographical borders; 40 years ago he was rapping about the exploitation of human beings and black culture liberation and consciousness. Today the recent news that he had canceled the Tel-Aviv gig in Israel is a breath of fresh air to me, sure that jail time and drug addictions hadn’t move his spirit.

On April the 24th from the stage of the London Royal Festival Hall he announced the cancellation of the Tel-Aviv gig. He spoke about his anti-war and racism efforts and that he’ll be playing in Israel when everybody will be welcome in the country: “Palestinians daily face the most terrible oppression from the Israeli occupation – easily comparable to apartheid in South Africa”.

Well done Mr. Scott-Heron.

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