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Maybe I’m late in reporting the following stuff, but I just discovered it and I was positively surprised, so I want to share it with you.
Good stuff can give the strength to move on and help you to wake up from a sort of sleep artists are in sometimes, inspiring things are very important to push each other in new creative directions.
Jumping from a site to another I ended up on the site of Erosie, I don’t know much about him, but some of his stuff really impressed me, also his blog is full off interesting and funny things.

Just scrolling down the Erosie blog, I discovered the work of Daniel Tagno;

“The Berlin-based writer DTagno creates complex murals consisting of a single line in a matter of only moments. These so called one-liners developed from his involvement with tags and throw-ups, graffiti’s basic forms. Initially, they were still readable characters.”

I didn’t know about this artist as well, and it’s nice discovering new things, just being attracted from an image, and than from there getting to know more.
Check Daniel Tagno work at Circule Culture Gallery site.

Daniel Tagno tool


Japanese Gang 日本のギャング


Drive by


Un gioco da ragazzi part 3 Heaven can wait

In this chapter: Chico goes to do graffiti on a ruff in the center of Rome. From his words we can get how writers go to resolve unexpected problems to reach the goal: the getting up. Doesn’t matter the risk, the pain or the time it will take to do ” what is really important for a writer: put your name on the best spot, where a lot of people will read it “.

Un gioco da ragazzi part 3 Heaven can wait from Why Style on Vimeo.

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The Crew of Fighters