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Un gioco da ragazzi #1

The whole train

Un gioco da ragazzi (Child’s game) part 1 from Why Style on Vimeo.

This documentary was made about 10 years ago by me and Nico. It can be consider as a cult about graffiti in Rome and in general. It does not talk about style and skinny caps, they are just writers that tell stories, adventures and strong experiences about making graffiti. Sometimes it is a bit sally sometimes it is dramatic.The name “Un gioco da ragazzi’ means a child’s game. I don’t mean graffiti is an illegal attitude but the fact is that is just not legal at all. Personally I never liked to see the graffiti wearing a balaclava. I always liked to see it as a positive and funny attitude, that’s why the interviewed writers are wearing funny mask. I hope you will enjoy it.

Watch part 2 – The Odd Couple


The Drifter

The Drifter from Why Style on Vimeo.

The Drifter is a prototype house bike. It has been made by Pane Joe and Nico part of Why Style for the event called MeBike 2009 in Amsterdam.


Degeneration and impoverishment

Screenshot from Videocracy
I’ve just watched the documentary Videocracy.

The documentary shows how Berlusconi, also through television, became the most powerful and influential person in Italy, enlarging his cult and profiling himself as the image of success, he anesthetizes people making them blind from the real problems and hypnotizing them with banality.

The documentary shows how the cult of image became essential in nowadays culture, and how the image and the appearance of a person determine success independently from his real skills.
Berlusconi set a standard by showing images without defects where everybody’s pretty and happy. This message appeals more to the people than a dignified political idea.

This propaganda of visual dreams is possible when, like Berlusconi you are the owner of the three most important commercial television stations in Italy. You can bring politics to peoples houses and make a perfect appearance count more than content.
Politics became a media strategy to recruit voters in every way possible.

I think Berlusconi, with his TV programs, contributes to the degeneration and impoverishment of our culture, he is taking advantage of the trend we see in today’s society. It’s much easier to govern a population which critical sense is reduced to zero.

As an Italian I feel ashamed of the situation my country is in, it seems there are no limits to insulting peoples intelligence, at least for the people that still have some.

The situation in this documentary is not new to me, but seeing it in a well-directed movie makes it even stronger and difficult to digest.

I doubt if this documentary will have any effect on the current situation, with all the terrible truths coming out on the “President” it hasn’t harmed his image, it’s only increasing.

I don’t know what could change this miserable trend; it feels quite frustrating to constantly see things going from bad to worse.

Anyway the documentary deserves a view, if you want to know more about it here’s the site: Videocracy


Paradiso Romano

Nothing is what it seems in Paradise City, take a closer look it just might be the place to be! Andrea Prosciutti’s crazy mind came up with this, Jon flew over it, and Mirai Pulvirenti decided to photograph it all, now what about that?


Jon for Industrial Strange

New Industrial Strange clothing brand advert…Jon the killer and Paolo Cenciarelli photo…support dying teddy bears!